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Sheethu Chandran, Anusree Ramesh, Silpa C, Kiran V

Saturday, February 16, 2013

130216-17 - MANIT - AZAD Team for NANO Satellite Building

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  • Shashin Singh
    goodevening sir
    i tried today wat u said during sleep (initial hours) good sleep i had thanks... its a good thing this breathing practice should be followed wherever possible in our routine

Madhur Sahu
2:35 AM (5 hours ago)

to me
Hello sir,
I would like to thank you for the precious mentorship that you provided us on that  very day. It was a great avenue to have you with us in our campus. I asked you the question that how you manage all these, I got my answer when I left the lecture hall. I came up with the fact that if you are literally interested in doing something, if you literally enjoy doing  something then no matter what happens, you cannot stop doing it. Sir you introduced us with the new perception of life, I got to know about one more way of looking at the things. How enthusiasm and interest can change the scenario, your sayings about doing smart works, not being lazy, about continuously keep on doing every time what we want to do, about asking questions that we should have knowledge about what we are asking, about work reporting chart, about life accountability report, about nicely maintaining the database and records of whatever  we do, about wide perspective of being actually good not just merely feeling good and looking good, about doing hard work , being self learner and systematic in life, about take notes make notes, about innovation, invention, enterprise, about udhyam, sahasam, dhairyam, buddhi, shakti, parakram, about finding patterns and combinations, about making low error probability designs, about grassroots level innovations, about your opinion that knowledge can’t be created it can be just shared (about patents and copyright), about laziness being the father of innovation, about no one can do everything but everyone can do something.
                                 You just gave me one more perspective of doing things, one more perspective of looking at life. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have such a life changing and never before experience with you. We will be very glad particularly I, to have you as our AZAD -1 nanosatellite team advisor for not only getting technical advice from you, but also a new way of philosophical thinking for making this human life worth living.
Thank you very much sir,
Yours sincerely,
Madhur Sahu
Azad – 1 team,
MANIT, Bhopal

manas tandon
4:12 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
hello sir,
frankly had an experience of a lifetime in those 3-4 hours spent with you. initially I thought the session would be a boring and monotonous one but the spark in your personality and thoughts kept me occupied all through. As you said "i inspire a lot of people", after this meeting, i've also become a part of that 'LOT' :)

Also find the brief of second day's meeting attached with this mail...
Date : 17 February 2013
Place :
Time: 10:30 a.m. onwards
The meeting was divided into three phases namely:
·         Satellite mission and launch vehicles basics
·         Innovation and creativity
·         Question session by Azad-1 team

Satellite mission and launch vehicles basics
The main points discussed in the meeting are as follows:
·         Briefing about Indian Space Research Organisation
o   Discussion about the work culture followed there: Equality is the basis of the organisation and everyone has the right to put up their point.
·         Geostationary and sun synchronous satellites.
·         Resolution of a camera could be increased by decreasing the field of view.
·         For Cryo stage development, India still depends on Russia.
·          In India, mostly satellites are made in Bangalore an launched from Sri Hari Kota
·         Most of the energy requirement of any satellite are met through solar energy harnessed using solar panels
·         After 43 years of setting up, still ISRO imports most of the components used in making a satellite and only assembles them.
Innovation and creativity
·         Good documentation is where India lacks the most
·         “The only way to become a researcher is by picking up questions in everything”.
·         Innovation in small things is what makes everything easy
·         “Laziness is the father of innovation”
·         “No dear goes to lion’s den, the lion has to go and hunt”

Questions session
Q)   What is the basic idea used behind image clearing at ground station?

A)   Geometric problems and radiometry problems occur in imaging. Radiometry – light and brightness concentration. These two are implemented to clarify the image. A proper arrangement of brightness bricks make up an image. The clarity is determined by the bits size

Q)   We will be Imaging sun in monochromatic bands for EUV light. What will be the raw output from CCD and how to compress it??

A)   Ribbon filters are used used for capturing specific band. The CCD element converts the flux into numbers. A XEROX machine has a CCD element while a normal camera has a matrix. A ray of numbers will be generated after capturing the image. The resolution represents no of brightness bricks in the image. 

·         Imaging is never point one to other mapping, it is region 1 to other mapping.  
·         Compressing should be done after converting into fourier form or before
depends on the compression technique being used. Also using fourier never leads to any loss unlike every other technique. Stationary objects don’t need to be stored in a video again and again since they give the same info, this way we compress data.
·         In each camera, photos are composed of different colour bands and after combining them is what we get as a color photo.
·         Image interpretation is a key task.

Q)   Will there be Support from ISRO for data transmission in our project?

A)   Not every band width is supported for transmission thus the band width has to be supported by ISRO, and the support depends on agreement with ISRO.
Q)   Is using CMOS sensor worth??
A)   Depends on the type of image required. (EX. Particular type of filter is used depending on the type of image required)

·         CCD should be used since it is already proved effective, CMOS has not yet been used.
·         German based companies best to buy CCDs
Scanner manufacturers could also provide.
·         ISPRS commission has scientific communities that work on sensors.
Mr. Kiran Kumar from b’lore could be of help
·         Astrophysics centre in pune (IUCAA).

Q)   How to achieve Effective management in terms of timeline and documentation?
A)   Third party influence on our timeline to a great extent. So better to have parallel lines working hand in hand for more effective work without much interference from third parties.


Each n every 1 needs to know what tasks are being performed by other subsystems so that they know what effect a delay in his work will have on other teams thus compelling him to carry on the work at the required pace.
·         With increase in parameters, every  problem gets complicated but if the trick is known, it gets easy
Smart work should be the key rather than hard work.



Astha Jain
3:47 AM (6 hours ago)

to me
And now when I finally sat down to write an email, I could not find your card.The card I found is the one attached with the mail,which I suppose is yours.(The excitement of getting YOUR card was so much that didn't even realize it wasn't yours).

Amazing session sir, just amazing.Made me realize so many things that i had stopped thinking about.Time, work, and what not.And my life's account was mostly occupied by "THINKING" alone.It is not that I did not know this before, just that nobody made me realize it that seriously.I get that now.Completely.I will make changes(starting with the sleeping only 3 hours thing-great idea).Thank you so very much.


Astha Jain



Aafaque Khan
1:10 AM (19 minutes ago)

to me
I dedicate this poetry to you. I wrote it way back

Deep within me,
I fight a raging storm,
but outside i have the serenity of a sage.

I fight a war everyday
with the world in me and outside,
and at the frontiers of both worlds.

I never lose, I never win,
It drives me for more war,
It refines my inner self.

I fight a storm inside me,
but outside i have the serenity of a sage.
I share my love, my faith and my knowledge,
and keep the anger, hatred and mistrust inside.

They fuel my war in me,
and exhaust within no harm,
thus i keep the world pure,
and burn all impurity.

With this wisdom of my soul
I stand a pious man,
pure from in and out.

One can withstand all storms all surges,
once the battle inside is won.

I keep the world so pure,
with the serenity of a sage..


Ankit Chaturvedi
6:45 PM (6 hours ago)

to me
Good evening Sir,
     i heard you today at the lecture and it was really heart touching,
     your way of communication has influenced me a lot and the ideas and concepts about life touched my inner soul,
     after hearing you i have promised my self of writing a diary daily and keep it with me to note down every step in my life from today only (not tomorrow).
     i also send you a request on facebook to add me and please join me to the various groups you have made on facebook what you were telling about.
     plz send me the link of your blog also what u were mentioning at the time of discussion, i missed getting it noted.

Thank you,

Ankit Chaturvedi
MANIT, Bhopal

Vivekananda Kovvuri  10:00 PM (3 hours ago)   to  me
Just one word on today's session

Interesting and Informative. This is the first time in my life I was never bored and haven't slept in a guest lecture. :D

Vivekananda Reddy K

helllo sir it was nice to have an interaction with you tooday . iwas just going through the notes i made today and it was nice to once again recaptuer the moments thanks again for ur guidance and valuable time
Maulana Azad National institute of technology

Dear sir, 
Your program today was inspiring and informative. Actually I am a spiritual person myself and so impressed by the way you teach (using slokas). Actually I see the future me in you (not exactly but approximately). hope one day we will meet again. I am thrilled to meet an astronomer-cum-astrologer.
hithesh aum


 Sonam Gupta   
1:48 AM (7 hours ago)

to me

Please find the notes of today's meeting that you had with Azad 1 team, (MANIT's student satellite project team) attached with this mail. It was really a great discussion rather a lecture or a meeting. I'll definitely like to hear more from you.


Sonam Gupta


Pranav goswami
12:57 AM (8 hours ago)

to me
Good evening sir, 
These are the notes of the meeting which you took with the Members of AZAD-1 student Nano-Satellite project.


Pranav Goswami

On board Data Handling Subsytem.
Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology


Aafaque Khan
11:40 PM (9 hours ago)

to me
Dear Sir,

There is nothing to remember and recall in todays meeting. I guess it has left such an everlasting impact on me that it will remain in my mind as a crystal clear HD Movie. Here i am summarizing the words that had the highest IMPACT FACTOR in motivating me to push even further for transforming these young kinds into Research Scholars and scientists.

- To begin with and i find this trait in most good academicians (as my father is an academicians): You were not overwhelming the students with your genius but were making friends with them with your ability to communicate. After that there was not even a single second where they could lose you as an audience.

"To capture people's attention, you capture their imagination and you will never lose their interest"

- I was aware of the work culture at ISRO but the description and insights provided by you interested me to the deepest of extent. We have always tried to follow a similar philosophy of respect to fine workmen and equality beyond the hierarchy. As we also told you during the talk, our team members are encouraged to call even the senior members by name.

- Most of us were inspired the most by your habit of documentation and its importance for researcher. When i always brief about the importance of documentation and want them to develop documentation skills to help the project coordination.

- Finally on the "Asking the right questions": The method of explaining by basic example reminds me of some of the best teachers that i have studied from. "Good Teachers are all the same, the teach with the simplicity, the complexities of arts, science and life". All examples were unforgettable and we will all try to open our mind to most fundamental questions when we learn something new.

For the last 10 months in this project, i have faced so much criticism that your words of appreciation and your hug means a lot to me. Very few people take the courage to step out of the conventional and convenient, but i always tend to walk the road less taken by.  To me this project has the poetic beauty of a revolution against conventional norms that our UG Curriculum has fallen into. Breaking free into new realms of discovery, both scientific and personal- this was the objective of this project.

Thanks for showing us the light.


Aafaque  R Khan
On behalf of the team

Azad-1 Student Satellite Project 


Aafaque R Khan


chirag nitb
10:20 PM (11 hours ago)

to me


Shashin Singh
10:18 PM (11 hours ago)

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