Saturday, February 18, 2012

120218 - SFWC - Begumpet, Hyderabad

41 minutes ago
Vanitha Jadhav
  • sir it was an interesting talk ............. i am very much motivated by your speech........i would like to attend yr workshop once again sir........

A Very Good Evening Sir ,

I am Sangeetha, A Student of St.Francis College , wherein you had come for guest lecture today which has really inspired me and motivated me in many things. I am a second year student.As usual we entered the hall thinking it might be a boring lecture and that too , physics? Too boring subject but to be really honest at the end of your session i can only say one thing I am in Love with physics.No, actually in love with every subject.

what i really learnt today is nothing but just believing in ourself and think that there is nothing that i cant do.we all have brains where so much knowledge can fit in unless we make an effort.Actually we feel very lucky to meet you and interact with you,it was a wonderful experience i say.

Since i had some health problem i was really weak during my first year where i thought i will not be able do well in the academics.but now i think .. 'where there is a will there is a way .. where there is love there is definitely a way ' ! i now believe in myself , and im in love with my subjects im sure ill do well :) Thank you so much sir for spending your valuable time with us.looking forward to meet you again :)

And sir, i feel very proud that someone like you is from my state, even i am a malayalee , a native of Palakkad , kerala :)

I feel 'Thank you' is not the word. but proving that even i have the potential to become something and bringing me up would be the best way to tell you how much that has inspired me.

In the huge pile of mails you receive daily, i hope mine will not be lost. :)

Have a great day! :)

Sangeetha Mohan Nair


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